Detox Products-Fundamentals Explained 
Many detox products are currently on the market. They range from detox kits consisting of a diet plan with supplementary tonics and pills, to herbal pills containing herbs good for the various organs of the body.There is no scientific evidence that detox products work, and neither have the producers of such products come forward to comply with tests. The only thing supporting such products is the glowing testimonials of various people who have used the products.The human body is more than able to do a complete detoxification of itself. The detoxification process is a continuous process that takes place in the lungs, kidneys, liver, gastrointestinal tract, and the skin. Our immune system plays a major role in the elimination of the toxins from the body, too. is one of the authority sites on this topic.
Simply speaking, many of the horrendous symptoms of a toxic buildup publicized by detox product companies like bloating and fatigue may be an indication of a poor diet, unhealthy lifestyle, or a lack of vital nutrients.

The diet plans presented in the detox kits are actually helpful. The suggestion of an increased water intake is very helpful to the human body. Almost all of the plans also suggest an increase in fruit and vegetable intake that is advisable.

These diet plans are widely and freely available. Increasing the intake of water makes the skin clearer, the strict dietary regimen will decrease bloating and lethargy, and the decrease in alcohol and caffeine intake will decrease the amount of headaches.

But some of the suggestions given in these dietary fads are confusing and not supported by any known proof, either scientific or otherwise, like not mixing fruit and vegetables in the same meal, avoiding pork, avoiding citrus fruits except lemon and eating after eight. Some diet plans also consider diary products as a strict no-no and go on to consider cheese and yogurt as a lunch option. Some of the stricter dietary regimens can cause harm to the body if undertaken for more than ten days.

Some of the known problems of going through a detox product diet range from chronic fatigue to short term concentration difficulties. Also, the diets suggested are often prohibitively priced, making them impractical for most people to follow.